How are anti-PLA2R detected?

For precise determination of (IgG) autoantibodies against PLA2R, EUROIMMUN has developed two modern test systems based on recombinant PLA2R. The recombinant protein is expressed from human cDNA in a human cell line. The indirect immunofluorescence test Anti-PLA2R IIFT (IgG) utilises transfected cells as standard substrate, which express PLA2R on the cell surface. For the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay Anti-PLA2R ELISA (IgG), the recombinant receptor is biochemically purified from the transfected cells and used for solid-phase coating of the microtiter plates.

The Anti-PLA2R IIFT (IgG) is a reliable screening test for qualitative detection of autoantibodies against PLA2R. The Anti-PLA2R ELISA (IgG) can additionally be used for quantitative determination of anti-PLA2R. Antibodies against PLA2R can thus be detected simply, quickly and with a high specificity, utilizing only a blood sample.

Serological detection of autoantibodies against PLA2R
Indirect immunofluorescence test (PLA2R-transfected cells, anti-PLA2R positive) and microplate ELISA
Serologischer Nachweis der Autoantikörper gegen PLA2R