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Autoimmune nephrology webinar series

After two successful episodes, we present the final episode, “Detection of PLA2R and Other Antigens in Renal Biopsies as a Cause of Primary Membranous Nephropathy” on April 21, 11:00 AM ET (5:00 PM CET). Dr. Benard Collins, Technical Director of the R&D Immunopathology at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, will speak about the available tests for detection of autoantibodies in MN and describe the strategy for the discovery of novel MN antigens in renal biopsies.

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Autoimmune nephrology webinar series episode 1

In the first episode of our Autoimmune Nephrology Webinar Series, Dr Beck will discuss the pathogenesis of primary membranous nephropathy (pMN) and the role of anti-PLA2R antibodies and other biomarkers in the diagnosis and monitoring of pMN in his presentation "The Role of PLA2R and other Biomarkers in the Diagnosis of MN".

Webinar on the new 2020 KDIGO guidelines for the treatment of glomerular disease

Within the October 27, 2020 event, Andreas Kronbichler speaks about membranous nephropathy and the 2020 KDIGO guidelines for the treatment of glomerular disease.

Webinar by Laurence H. Beck, Jr., MD, PhD, Boston University School of Medicine

In this webinar, Dr. Beck talks about diagnostics and treatment of membranous nephropathy (25th September 2018).